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© 2007 Lois Harada



9066, 8.5x11, letterpress print, 2016
NOTICE, 12x18, letterpress print, 2017

My grandmother and her family were interned in Poston, Arizona from 1942 to 1945. Like many Japanese Americans, she was reticent to talk about this time in her life, and its repercussions. Family stories, historical references, and yearbooks from my grandmother's internment camp high school are helping me to discover more about this obscured part of my history. This research is framed by the current reality of rampant xenophobia, making issues of otherness and immigration impossible to avoid.

Each printed edition is a response to a poster or sign from the months leading up to the start of internment. I am re-purposing these historical messages and the production methods used to create them. In using letterpress printing’s practical roots as a commercial medium, I can create large editions that are affordable and accessible in order to disseminate these poignant reminders of American history.